Benefits of an approved used Ford!
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If you are looking to purchase a high-quality second hand vehicle that’s of good value direct from the manufacturer. What you get is a vehicle that has been prepared for sale by brand specialists so that it’s reliable enough to meet your needs. The following are some of the benefits of an approved used Ford:

· You get a two-year unlimited mileage warranty which will have the vehicle fixed free-of-charge.

· Your dealer in used cars Oxfordshire will provide you with a two-year Ford Assistance if you get deflated tires, for instance.

· It is possible to return your approved used Ford car within 30 days of one thousand miles of use after purchase.

· The used cars dealer in Oxfordshire, from whom you bought the vehicle, will help you inspect and prepare the vehicle.

· For the first few days, your approved used Ford car is insured by the manufacturer. This allows you time to make arrangements for your own insurance policy.

· The vehicle will be inspected to ascertain its mileage, registration, chassis number, and model.

· The car will come with a Ford Direct hologram to confirm that it is in conformity to the standards of the manufacturer.

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